Papatoetoe Community Budgeting Services


The Pap­a­toe­toe Com­mu­nity Bud­get­ing Ser­vice was founded in Octo­ber 2010. M. Mor­ganan started his Bud­get­ing Career at Otara Bud­get­ing Ser­vice in 2003 under the admin­is­tra­tion of Tai Tupa. Since then he was a Cer­tifi­cated Bud­get Advi­sor who also did a Tutors Course for the Bud­get Advi­sors, Mor­ganan qual­i­fied as a Bud­get Advi­sor from the New Zealand Fed­er­a­tion of Fam­ily Bud­get­ing Ser­vice Inco­prated.

He has got Twelve years expe­ri­ence. He was a Bud­get Advi­sor in South Auck­land Schools and also worked with the Pres­by­ter­ian Church. While he was work­ing with the South Auck­land schools he found that a great need was there for the Com­mu­nity for the Bud­get­ing Ser­vice.

He had a meet­ing with the Hindu Her­itage Research Foun­da­tion Trustees in the begin­ning of 2010, and founded the Bud­get­ing ser­vice in Pap­a­toe­toe. After a long strug­gle and a bit of assis­tance from Nimmi Bedi– Pap­a­toe­toe Com­mu­nity Advi­sor and the Methodist church in Pap­a­toe­toe other well wish­ers, Mor­ganan man­aged to start a small Bud­get Ser­vice in Pap­a­toe­toe with three vol­un­teers. Cecilia Har­ris, mareta Nia and Tira Tavai.

The ser­vice is assisted by the food banks around the South Auckland-City Mis­sion, Methodist Church,and PACT. We are work­ing closely with the food banks to assist our clients who are in need of food parcels.We are now sit­u­ated at 35 St. George Street in Pap­a­toe­toe near Cit­i­zens Advice Bereau. we are open 9.00 am to 3.30 pm mon­day to fri­day. We also take spe­cial appoint­ments on week­ends if the client can not access us on week­days. we will be clos­ing down for the year on the 21st of decem­ber, 2012 and we will open on 7th Jan­u­ary, 2013.

Today the ser­vice has got Six staff who are paid as well as Vol­un­teers who are qual­i­fied bud­get Advi­sors– Mor­ganan M, Suliana Lole­sio, Leinati Ofoia, Sina Paepaega, Sesa Mele, Amosa Fokuka. The ser­vices are extended to the Work & Income offices in manurewa, Pap­a­toe­toe Com­mu­nity Link, Manukau Com­mu­nity Link, Hunters Cor­ner, and Clen­don Cen­tres. The Ser­vice got 798 ongo­ing clients and there are one off clients too. They get more than 300 enquiries a month. we are doing the bud­get­ing, plan­ning, and fol­low ups.

For any nego­ti­a­tions with cred­i­tors and assist­ing the clients to man­age their money and live within their means please con­tact the ser­vice on

Fax: (09) 279 0417

This ser­vice is Man­aged by Mor­ganan M and assisted by all other vol­un­teers. For a friendly and reli­able ser­vice con­tact any of the vol­un­teers on those num­bers. They do home visit on spe­cial cir­cum­stances. For fur­ther enquiries please con­tact the Service.



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