Papatoetoe ESOL Facilitation


The Pap­a­toe­toe ESOL facil­i­ta­tion was founded by Mor­ganan in the year 2009. He worked for the Open Poly­tech­nic as a foun­da­tion learn­ing coach. He taught and coached 320 stu­dents to pass their exam­i­na­tion and get cer­tifi­cated in Eng­lish lan­guage. Mor­ganan has a vari­ety of back­ground expe­ri­ence in this sub­ject as he also vol­un­teered for the South Auck­land Home Tutors and there he taught 230 stu­dents who had no Eng­lish speak­ing skills. Today the classes have twelve stu­dents who are from India. They are learn­ing how to pro­nounce Eng­lish language.

The stu­dents get the ser­vices free and that is on week­ends. This nor­mally helps stu­dents how to speak, read, write and lis­ten the lan­guage. This also assists them to find bet­ter jobs. This ESOL classes assists the stu­dents to do their assign­ments as well as under­stand the lan­guage and this is a great relief to the stu­dents and the res­i­dents who wants to improve their Eng­lish language.

The classes are now taken on the week­ends and the stu­dents can con­tact Mor­ganan on 09 279 0415 for fur­ther infor­ma­tion. The Auck­land Air­port Trust is assist­ing the organ­i­sa­tion with funds to do the facil­i­ta­tion in a bit big­ger scale. This is for the year 2012.

As the Year 2012 is com­ming to an end the ESOL classes are also com­ming to the end.
The stu­dents par­tic­i­pat­ing have learnt a lot from the sup­port which was given to the school by Auck­land Air­port Trust. This is very much appre­ci­ated.

Many stu­dents are look­ing for a job and some of them have already got into jobs. There was a huge impact of the ESOL classes in the com­mu­nity. We will take a break at this point in time and then we will start the classes again.


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