Papatoetoe Migrant Settlement Service

Family Migration (Papatoetoe Migrant settlement service)

Family Migration (Papatoetoe Migrant settlement service)

People migrating to New Zealand

International migration has a strong impact on the living standards of vast numbers of individuals, and on the financial stability of developing countries. Yet the policy framework of migration and development remains relatively not so strong. This is in part because evidence supporting direct linkages between migration and development is not well known to policymakers, and controversies persist because what is known about migration and development has not been fully incorporated into the analysis of development dynamics.

In some policy circles, emigration is still seen as a drain on a country’s human resources, rather than an opportunity for those who leave to become more productive and, if the circumstances are right, to contribute more to their countries of origin than if they had remained. Most of the migrants do migrate thinking of a development to their future and their children’s future. Hence they migrate to countries they have heard about; the one migrating should live for a while in any country and experience the nature of that country before taking any big jump of their life.

Some useful starting points:


Education & Schooling

Working in New Zealand

Help in your language

Getting legal help


These all the above services are provided by the Papatoetoe Migrant Settlement services for any one accessing the service. Not only people in Papatoetoe but migrants from  nearby Towns also visit us for their needs.

We educate the clients and refer them to the best service providers. We also look for jobs for them and also give career advice. What we mainly do that we educate them on the cv and letter writing techniques. Interview skills and also teach them the interview techniques and prepare them for interviews and volunteers work to gain New Zealand experience.


It is really a difficult task to settle in Any country without any assistance fronm the family members or the other services which are available in any county in the World specially if you are not good in their language or English as a second language so there is also a provision of ESOL with the service provider. One can enjoy listening to migrants while they talk-Personal Experiences, Practical Day to Day Stuff, Find A Job NZ, Working in New Zealand, Salaries and Wages, Salary Survey of Professions,

New Zealand’s Major Employers, Moving to New Zealand, Real Estate Guide, New Zealand House Prices, House Rental Prices, Flat Rental Prices, Money and Financial, Climate and Weather, Facts and Statistics, Immigration News, Real Estate News and many more.

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