Shiv Omkaar Ramayan Sansthaa


  “Giv­ing Cul­tural knowl­edge spread­ing about Hindu Culture.”

The Sansthaa was founded in 2008 by Mor­ganan M. The Sansthaa’s main duty is to teach and to prac­tice the cul­ture and tra­di­tion to the ones who want to know more about the Hindu Reli­gion it’s cul­ture and the tra­di­tion. The Hin­dus com­ing to New Zealand start to loose their iden­tity as the cul­ture makes every­one to fol­low the Reli­gion. Tra­di­tions are to fol­low and assist the com­mu­nity to get up and get going.

Tha Sansthaa per­forms all the Reli­gious fes­ti­vals of Hin­dus such as Ram Naumi, Krishna Astmi, Deep­awali, Shiv Ratri which are main fes­ti­vals of Hin­dus where they pray for cer­tain days. The Sansthaa gets invi­ta­tion to per­form at any ones res­i­dence. The sansthaa has got a Priest and he per­forms            prayers and rit­u­als too.

The money com­ing to the Sansthaa as dona­tion is given towards the char­i­ties to poor and needy soci­eties. Mostly the mem­bers work hand in hand with other HHRF(NZ) mem­bers. The Sansthaa has done sev­eral reli­gious per­for­mances in Tem­ples in Auck­land and in Hamil­ton and nearby areas.

The Sansthaa is ready to take up any requests for any prayer in the Hindu Com­mu­nity and if any­one needs to do prayer — Ramayana recital, Bhag­vath recital, Gita recital please con­tact Mor­ganan on the above number.
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